Photograph by Rebecca Zephyr Thomas

We’re so excited to introduce Iris Owen aka Nectarine Girl’s ‘5 Things’ of the moment.
We are huge fans of Iris and her weekly newsletter named Nectarine News,
which delves into her pink, wild world of humorous takes and tales.
From appearing on Eggheads just last year to writing an advice column for The Face,
it’s clear that Iris has a flair for entertaining – and we’ll be sure to follow her upcoming projects!

VISIT: Nine Elms Market

Sunday market round the back of Nine Elms tube station. You can find anything there from stolen power drills to chicken hearts. Overwhelming for a hangover, however I have acquired most of my furniture from there over the years. They also have amazing cultural food and second hand clothing.

DO: My pub quiz!

I host a really fun general knowledge pub quiz every Monday at The Perseverance on Lambs Conduit St, Holborn. It’s a big laugh and you can win a £50 bar tab 😉

BUY & WEAR: Savoia jewellery

@savoia_everything is a jewellery brand selling mostly silver rings, necklaces and bracelets. HOT RIGHT NOW.


Hear me out, they never went out of fashion and they’re the best girl band ever to exist. Their cover of How Soon Is Now is arguably stronger than The Smiths.

EAT: Ngon Ngon

Vietnamese restaurant on Clerkenwell Road. Incredible pho and very well priced! Also a 5 minute walk from my pub quiz 😉