The ESEAN 2024 cultural calendar

In 2024, the ESEAN cultural calendar promises a captivating array of
exhibitions that traverse continents and explore rich, multifaceted narratives.
From London to Singapore, and Penang to Manchester, these events highlight
the dynamic interplay of heritage, identity, and contemporary artistry. Leading
this cultural odyssey is Tanat Teeradakorn’s immersive residency at Gasworks
in London, blending Thai historical insights with British socio-political landscapes.
Following closely is the vibrant George Town Festival in Malaysia, a decade-old
celebration transforming Penang into a global creative hub. In Singapore, Cheong
Soo Pieng’s retrospective at the National Gallery delves into the essence of his artistic
evolution, while Manchester’s ESEA Contemporary features Steph Huang’s
thought-provoking exhibition, reflecting East and Southeast Asian influences. The year
culminates in Hà Nội with the Seventh Youth Fine Arts Festival, showcasing the
burgeoning talent of Vietnamese youth, underscoring the nation’s artistic vigour. These
events not only celebrate ESEAN culture but also invite global audiences to partake in
a shared cultural experience.


UK: London
Tanat Teeradakorn
Artist in Residence
Until 24 June
155 Vauxhall Street
London SE11 5RH

About Tanat Teeradakorn:

Tanat Teeradakorn, a multidisciplinary artist from Thailand, engages in various art forms, immersing the audience in interactive experiences. His work explores the fusion of personal biography, memory, and historical narratives, questioning how cultural narratives propagate across different contexts. During his Gasworks residency, Tanat will conduct on-site research in London, weaving historical insights with contemporary socio-political landscapes between Thailand and the UK.

Supported by The Institutum, Singapore.


Malaysia: George Town Festival, Penang
19 – 28 July

About George Town Festival:

George Town Festival, in Penang, Malaysia, is an annual celebration since 2010, showcases arts, culture, heritage, and community. It fosters global artist collaboration and transforms George Town into a vibrant creative hub. The festival, themed ‘HERE & NOW’ for 2024, promises 10 days of reflection, reimagination, celebration, and transformation, inviting attendees to explore the intricate relationship between the event and the city in the present moment.


Cheong Soo Pieng: Layer by Layer
Until 29 September
National Gallery Singapore
1 St. Andrew’s Road, #01–01
Singapore, 178957

About Cheong Soo Pieng:

Cheong Soo Pieng, a renowned figure in Singapore’s art scene, is celebrated for his unique style blending easel painting techniques drawn from Chinese aesthetics. The exhibition delves into his creative process, material choices, and the narratives behind his artworks, offering insight into his artistic expression.


UK: Manchester
Steph Huang: ‘There Is Nothing Old Under The Sun’
28 September – 8 December
ESEA Contemporary
13 Thomas St.
Manchester, M4 1EU
United Kingdom

About Steph Huang:

Steph Huang, a London-based Taiwanese artist, showcases her work exploring diverse themes. Her recent accolades include the Mark Tanner Sculpture Award and The Henry Moore Foundation Artist Award. The exhibition at ESEA Contemporary highlights her multidisciplinary approach and East and Southeast Asian cultural influences.
About ESEA Contemporary:
Established in 2023, ESEA Contemporary is the UK’s only non-profit art centre focusing on East and Southeast Asian cultural backgrounds.


October 2024
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Introducing the Seventh Youth Fine Arts Festival:

Scheduled for October 2024 in Hà Nội, this festival provides a platform for Vietnamese artists aged 8 to 35 to showcase their talent across various art forms. Organised by Vietnam’s Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, and overseen by the Vietnam Department of Fine Arts, Photography, and Exhibition, the event aims to meet the public’s growing demand for cultural experiences while promoting socioeconomic growth and cross-cultural interactions.