Bangkok’s favourite DJ, music director and drummer with Yellow Fang selects her favourite tunes of the moment.

Thai artist Praewa Chirapravati Na Ayudhya, also known as DJ PraewaPower,
has made a significant mark on the Thai music scene. PraewaPower is the
drummer for the independent all-girl trio Yellow Fang, an indie alternative rock
band formed in Bangkok in 2007. Yellow Fang has performed at music festivals
across Tokyo, Thailand, and Malaysia, showcasing their unique sound and gaining
a dedicated following.

As a DJ, PraewaPower’s music repertoire is vast, encompassing House, Tech House,
Melodic Techno, Progressive House, Indie Music, and hits from the 70s to the 2000s.
Her versatility allows her to perform at a variety of venues, from club events to
high-profile fashion brand showcases. She has also taken on the role of music director
for fashion shows in Thailand and has played sets at global music festivals.

PraewaPower is celebrated for her dynamic and uplifting performances, which are a
staple in Bangkok’s vibrant nightlife scene. She regularly spins at popular venues like
Beam and Safe House and is known for her energetic sets that blend jungle and techno
beats. Her ability to engage and energize audiences has made her a favorite in both
mainstream and underground music circles in Bangkok.

Beyond her DJ career, PraewaPower continues to contribute to the music industry as
a creative artist. Her work spans various aspects of music production and performance,
solidifying her status as a talented and emerging force in the Thai music scene.


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